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Registration & Form filling in Simple Steps
Step 1:- Click on Proceed after going through Instructions, a login page open.For the first time user need to click on New User link.If user already have login he may login with his/her loginId/Password.
Step 2:- New user need to fill Registration Form along with district and SRO office,if not known he/she can take help of Search District on login page.
Step 3:- Once logged in, user can enter new details by clicking New Entry submenu under B Book menu.Here he/she need to select BBook type and clieck on PROCEED
Step 4:- Now user need to fill Applicant Name,Applicant address and all other required details as per BBook type.
Step 5:- Now to check previous entry click Previous Entry under Entry menu and in Edit details one can edit already entered details and under Lock details column one can lock his/her details, after which entry detailed will be locked for further editing.
Step 6:- After confirmation have to take appointment to submit request for desired document at SR Office by clicking Make Appointment column via Request Appointment submenu under Appointment menu.
Step 7:- If an applicant could not make attendance on the schedule time he/she will be given another chance and can book another appointment only once as per above description by clicking on ReAppointment.
Step 8:- After taken appointment persone need to visit SR office at choosen schedule and haveĀ  to submit BBook fee.
Step 9:- After it SR will confirm and update appointment and resolve requested query.
Step 10:- User can check appointment status under Query Status in Request Appointment report.
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